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My Name Is: Artemis Taylor
Nicknames, I have a lot of them, moreless I'm two total different people. I'm a cosplayer and the girl next door.

In the cosplay world I'm known as Misty/ Kasumi, Pretty Dark Magician Girl, Duplica, Pokémon Princess, Neo Serenity, Yami Chibi Chibi and yes even Professor Ivy at times.

In my normal life which is set far away from cosplay life. In this life I'm known as Small Lady or Project Alice L Kira and a few times I've even been called Dawn now and again.

The cosplay life I'm up sprirted, love life and can't get enough cosplay in my life. On the other hand taken away the make-up, the clothes & lights forget everything you know. I'm just the girl next door who loves to play paintball & as a passion for cars. I'm just layed back and go with the follow, what happens - happens. Wried that I have more guy friends then girlfriends. All my girlfriends seem to be cosplayer. And when i'm not cosplay I always hang with my guy friends.

I love to cosplay Misty Waterflower/ Kasumi. I'm so obsessed with Kasumi. I've have all her pokemon stuff. I don't know how much stuff that is because I don't care to count it all. I've got all water pokemon plush toys with some pikachu too. It nice to know I'm the first offical cosplayer to make Misty's Advance costume for pokemon advance in hoenn. In fact I've got all of Misty's costumes that she wore in Pokemon. I'm also into Pokemonshipping my favrtie ones are KenjiXKasumi (Orangeshipping), ShuuXHaruka (Contestshipping), ShinjiXHikari (Ikarishipping) OokaidoXUchikido (Professorshipping), OokaidoXHanako (Eldershipping)& SakakiXHanako (Diamondshipping)

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Artemis's Ball-Joined Dolls
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Name: Veronica Nicole-Taylor Zaleski
Type: Angelregion Little Fair Ren Girl (Basic Kit)
Age: 11
Birthday: April 9
Date of Arrival: April 9, 2007

Name: Zacharee Anton Zaleski
Type: Angelregion Little Fair Dana Boy (Basic Kit with Default faceup)
Age: 10
Birthday: May 18
Date of Arrival: May 18, 2007

Name: Catharine-Ann "Caty-Ann" Holly-Miranda Taylor
Type: SoulDoll - SoulKid: Katie
Age: 18
Birthday: July 13
Date of Arrival: July 13, 2007

Name: Hannah Belle Taylor
Type: Cherish Doll Alley 'White Skin'
Age: 05
Birthday: November 27
Date of Arrival: August 27, 2007

Name: Marcus Arya D'Amato
Type: Dollmore: Kid - Sweet Wind Memory - Torrie
Age: 10
Birthday: May 26
Date of Arrival: May 30, 2008